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18. Julio 2018

Process belts with FDA certification mean greater safety for you

Synthetic process belts from GKD fulfill the world’s strictest quality standards for food safety issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are therefore approved for the transport and processing of unpackaged foodstuffs, which means greater safety for you. The entire application-specific construction consisting of the plastic belt, staples, and seam meets the FDA’s tough requirements.

The FDA certification for the polyester belts with PAD seam is proof that the belts are able to stand up to the relevant processing conditions in direct contact with foodstuffs. They do not transmit any harmful substances to the foods or alter their constitution, and are tasteless and odorless. What is more, they are easy to clean and highly durable. Unlike process belts from other manufacturers, the GKD belts fulfill these requirements not only under moderate laboratory conditions, but, following risk assessments performed in collaboration with the customer, are also tested according to the actual loads during operation. Designed for single and multiple contact up to a contact duration of 120 minutes at 90°C, the inspection parameters set by GKD satisfy the relevant maximum requirements. This means that they also comply with the European standards of EU 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004. Plus, GKD actively follows the code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and a strict HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Observance of the relevant process routines is monitored by quality assurance in line with ISO 9001:2015. Regular monitoring by an external testing institute ensures that the high quality standards are observed. If desired, GKD also offers manufacturers from the food industry support in preparing customer audits through consulting on site or at its own factory.

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