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09. Noviembre 2018

MEDIAMESH®: Media façades at Muscat International Airport

As the largest infrastructure project in Oman’s history, the new Muscat International Airport building sets new standards in contemporary airport design. The expansion of the airport structure designed by Danish architectural firm COWI/LARSEN and costing 1.8 billion US dollars made use of GKD metal fabrics in twelve different applications. Fascinating ceiling and wall solutions, room dividers, and three large-format transparent media façades set the scene at the airport without overt showiness. The high playing quality, optical lightness, and transparency of the MEDIAMESH® systems highlight the modern interior and the subtle Omani elements.

The baggage claim area on the arrivals level of the new airport building is adorned by a 15-meter-wide and 4.10-meter-high MEDIAMESH® screen made from Tigris stainless steel fabric with integrated LED profiles. The seamless construction consisting of five panels with 44,000 SMD pixels (Surface Mounted Devices) provides brilliant image quality for video clips around the clock. The giant transparent display affords visitors in the pick-up and catering area behind it an unencumbered view of the baggage claim area. At passport control, all eyes are drawn to an 8.50-meter-high and 15-meter-wide screen of ILLUMESH® on the wall between the two rear wings. LED profiles mounted horizontally in special brackets in front of the mesh project a play of colors onto the round wires which is reflected as a three-dimensional hologram effect. The illumination constantly produces new color compositions. In front of the gateway to the retail area, both systems – MEDIAMESH® and ILLUMESH® – are combined in one screen. This is the first time such a 14.3-meter-high and 27-meter-wide mixed-media screen has been produced. It is made up of nine panels, four of which – the two outer panels on each side – are made from ILLUMESH®. The five central panels combine ten meters of ILLUMESH® in the top section with 4.3 meters of MEDIAMESH® in the lower section. This creates a richly colored frame of ILLUMESH® fabric in which the MEDIAMESH® screen really draws attention to the advertising and entertainment clips. Both transparent media façade systems impress with their high-grade aesthetics, delicate effect, and concealed wiring. The same LED profiles used in all three displays, regardless of the system, ensure maximum ease of maintenance and spare-part efficiency. In addition to the planning and development of the substructure, GKD was also responsible for the installation.

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