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10. Diciembre 2018

Laydown belt: Key role in the spunbond process

Multitexx GmbH manufactures polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) spunbonds with low grammages and very high uniformity. In its spunbond plants, the company based in Herdecke, Germany, employs the CONDUCTIVE 7701 laydown belt from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG.

Multitexx alternately produces PET and PP spunbonds for demanding applications in the automotive, noise insulation, filtration, and construction industries. The spunbond plants, which run around the clock, work under equally challenging conditions. The endless CONDUCTIVE 7701 laydown belt is a key component in this process, making a major contribution to efficiency and quality. The GKD belt also guarantees a consistently uninterrupted process at the very high speeds common in spunbond production. The air permeability, uniformity, and electrostatic discharging of the fabric have a significant impact on how the nonwoven material is distributed and thereby on the quality of the product. Multitexx cites it as a very positive feature of the GKD belt that production can begin immediately after set-up. However, what Multitexx finds particularly important is the extraordinarily good cleaning performance: Drips can simply be wiped away with a sponge, which is a distinct benefit when switching from PET to PP products. It’s the combination of these product properties that leads the spunbond manufacturer to conclude that the GKD laydown belt is the best it has ever used on its machines.

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